£3.9 million raised and 2,613 grants awarded so far...

About Us

Theatre Development Trust

Theatre Development Trust is a charity registered in England and Wales (charity number: 292559) and a private company limited by guarantee registered in England and Wales (company number: 01928541) whose registered office is at 32 Rose Street, London, WC2E 9ET (“TDT”).

We donate funds to the Theatre Development Trust (TDT), a registered charity offering grants to recognised organisations that apply via a formal process. TDT’s mission is to promote and advance the dramatic and other performing arts for the benefit of the public.

Our trustees are: Adam Speers, André Ptaszynski, Catherine Mallyon, Caro Newling, Dafydd Rogers, Eleanor Lloyd, Jonathan Church, Kenny Wax, Nica Burns, Nick Allott, Rebecca Kane Burton, Nia Janis, Jeremy Meadow, Rosemary Squire, Rupert Gavin, Lucy Davies, Patrick Murphy.


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